the imaginary night is full of imaginary jazz

tin cup stuck up stars
break black ink on moonlit bars
where everyones a shadow
of something great before

midnight blue birds perch on stoops
urban chickens free funk in their coops
coffee stained teeth chatter pretentious caffeine
where everyones a silhouette of
something great to come

and i wonder if it ever does
if it ever will
and who knows the names of
shadows and silhouettes


Cloud Control

Empirical opinions held.
It was the old books I first learned to weld.
Mental fists clench sweat.
Found fast land sailing shallow seas.
Embellished words and lofty chains
only add more weight.


disposable city

I can't yet understand
just how disgusting
it really is.

Jessica says,
"Philadelphia, one of the most notoriously segregated and poverty-stricken cities in America, is closing its public library system in the face of budget cuts and lack of funding on October 2, 2009."

A city crushed
inside an ashtray,
tossed into the street.